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As the years have progressed, we’ve slowly begun to see the acceptance of cannabis both medically and recreationally across the United States. Back in 2015, Washington D.C. fully acknowledged the widespread benefits of Weed cannabis, finally legalizing the plant recreationally after legalizing it medically a few years prior.


While this was definitely a positive move for the residents and tourists of DC, the rules and regulations surrounding cannabis have created a strange and confusing buying and selling situation that is unlike most legal states.


Cannabis Legality: Initiative 71

Initiative 71 was put in place in early 2015 stating that people 21 and older can possess up to two ounces of cannabis and consume it within private residences. It allowed for residents to grow their own cannabis plants (up to six at a time) and for non-transactional exchanges to occur between those of the legal age.


However, Initiative 71 did not legalize the selling of cannabis. That’s right: it is legal to have cannabis, but you cannot buy it from in-person dispensaries. The only dispensaries that exist throughout DC are medical dispensaries that require you to have your medical marijuana card or a qualifying medical condition.


These contradictory laws leave many wondering: how does one even get some weed in DC?

How Cannabis is Sold in DC

In order to safely and legally “how to sell” Weed & cannabis in DC, business owners have had to get creative. By selling non-cannabis related products in regular storefronts, businesses are able to provide a gift with every purchase. This free, non-transactional gift is the cannabis product of your choosing. However, these shops are typically discreet and aren’t always providing. Sometimes, you have to wait for a cannabis pop-up event, where multiple DC vendors advertise their products.


Weed delivery services are also growing in popularity in Washington DC, with more people enjoying the ease of having their cannabis brought directly to them. These services will bring your chosen cannabis product–whether it be edibles, bud, or concentrates–to practically any place in the area. Like your typical food delivery service, you have to allocate extra time (and money) to consider any traffic or other delays.

Rules, Regulations, and Repercussions

To ensure ultimate safety and legality, it’s important to be knowledgeable on both the regulations and repercussions surrounding cannabis in the state you live in, especially when rules are as muddy as they are in places like DC.


As was mentioned, it is illegal for anyone in DC to possess more than two ounces of weed at a time. Having more than the legal amount is an arrestable offense in the capital, as is selling any amount of cannabis or cannabis products. Consuming cannabis in public in any capacity is prohibited in Washington DC, so always enjoy your weed in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Heeding the Laws and Staying Safe

No matter how confusing, heeding DC’s cannabis rules and regulations is crucial. Not only is this the legal route, but it keeps you safe and allows you the best cannabis experience possible.

Do your own research to find the business or weed delivery service that most appeals to you, and enjoy the unique, premium strains and cannabis products that DC has to offer.

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