Will DC Allow Marijuana Cafes?

Cannabis has been recreationally legal in Washington DC for about six years now. Now, the cannabis industry in DC is growing rapidly, and with that growth comes questions about the future.


We see legalized states like California and Colorado opening progressive businesses like marijuana cafes to help blend cannabis and our social lives. This has left many wondering: will DC be next to allow these cannabis-friendly coffee shops?


As of right now, the answer is a strong no. This comes down to the current regulations in place surrounding the actual purchase and sale of marijuana in DC. Right now, cannabis is only legalized for personal consumption and possession, and it cannot actually be bought from a dispensary unless you’re a medical patient. How to Get Weed in DC.


To work with these confusing regulations, DC weed businesses have started selling other non-cannabis products that instead come with the cannabis you want for no cost. This means that you’re not purchasing cannabis and cannabis isn’t being sold.


Along with not being able to legally purchase cannabis, you cannot consume it in public spaces whatsoever–no parks, no rooftop bars, and definitely not in your vehicle. In DC, cannabis was legalized for home enjoyment only, and this is one of the main reasons why DC has yet to see the opening of marijuana cafes.


However, just because these cafes are not allowed, doesn’t mean things won’t change in the future. As the years have progressed since cannabis was legalized, the US has seen the overwhelmingly positive effect it has had on the states who welcomed it — and now, DC wants to be a part of it even more.


DC Major Muriel Bowser has been playing with the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana sales for the past year. Bowser has crafted an almost-70 page act that lays out new rules and regulations surrounding recreational cannabis that would effectively leave weed businesses to be overseen by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration. Though this bill would attempt to reduce the current non-transactional weed services, it would allow for DC’s grow operations to finally cultivate cannabis for recreational enjoyment.


While we don’t know for sure if the Safe Cannabis Sales Act is going to pass or what it will do for the cannabis community, there is the chance that a bill such as this one would change the cannabis game in DC permanently. These types of acts have the potential to bring about marijuana cafes or acceptance towards enjoying cannabis on your favorite rooftop bar.


But, for now, it is important to abide by current regulations and stick to enjoying your cannabis safely inside your home or place of residence. Washington DC has put these laws in place for a reason, so sticking to them until they progress is not only lawful, but it helps for a comfortable, relaxing cannabis experience.


If you’re in DC, be patient! With the 2020 elections on the way, change is sure to come. Who knows– maybe within the next few years your new favorite spot will be a cannabis cafe. DC Weed Events * Weed in DC guidance

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