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If you’re looking for legal weed in Washington, DC, there are several options available. These include dispensaries, online stores, and even pop-up events. Ordering online is the easiest way to buy weed in DC and can allow you to get weed delivered or set for a convenient pick up from a storefront.



Legality of weed in Washington DC


Washington DC has decided to legalize weed for adults, and it is now legal to grow and consume small amounts of it. This was passed in 2014 as initiative 71 to help patients who need to use marijuana for medical purposes get access to it legally as well as any adult who wants. The law does not allow people to sell marijuana to other people. Instead, DC residents can obtain a marijuana card from a health professional, or by visiting a legal marijuana dispensary where someone can self certify that they need marijuana. Once this card is issued, a patient can legally purchase marijuana for medicinal use at any of the dispensaries in the city. You do not need a medicinal card for the dc weed storefronts and weed delivery services in DC.

Washington DC currently allows adult residents to possess two ounces of marijuana and give it to another person. Additionally, they are allowed to grow up to six plants, three of which can reach maturity. The only thing that makes recreational marijuana sales illegal is a Congressional Republican’s unwillingness to allow an independent regulatory board to oversee the industry. The only way to get around these laws is to grow your own marijuana, or buy it from a licensed dispensary. Many people still decide to attend the dc weed events or buy from the dc weed storefronts or dc weed delivery services.



Medicinal Dispensaries in DC


Medical cannabis is legal in the District of Columbia (DC), but only eligible patients can buy it from dispensaries. DC Health Department offers an online application or you can go into any of the dispensaries now and self certify. This is a new change that was spurred due to the success of the dc weed events, storefronts and delivery services where the medicinal dispensaries think that they are taking away from their clientele so they are pushing for more drastic measures to increase patient count and drive business. The dispensaries are doing everything they can to try and sabotage the dc weed quasi recreational market.

In addition to medical card holders and registered patients, caregivers can also visit dispensaries in the District of Columbia. The DC Medical Card program recognizes medical cardholders from 16 states. The list changes periodically, so check with your states medical marijuana website to ensure your state is recognized. You must have photo identification with you every time you visit a dispensary in the District of Columbia. You may also bring a companion with you to the dispensary floor, but he or she cannot go inside the dispensary without you.


How does i71 really work?


If you live in Washington D.C, you may be wondering how you can legally buy weed. Due to the strict laws that ban the recreational use of marijuana, it can be difficult to find a dispensary that sells high-quality cannabis. If you’re trying to buy recreational cannabis, you must first find a dispensary that sells medical marijuana before you can buy recreational weed. Alternatively there are dc weed events, delivery services, and storefronts who sell to anyone 21+. They will all require a verification with an id to make sure you are old enough and are who you say you are. Then you can contact the storefront via phone or Instagram and shoot them a quick message to find out their menu or learn more. Many of the business also have their information on their websites.

Fast slice is one of the most popular delivery stores in DC, and their active delivery service covers many of the city’s neighborhoods. The service is known for offering a wide selection, and offers free extras with large orders.


Pop-up events are still here


While it is still illegal to sell weed in Washington DC, pop-up events offer a great opportunity for medical patients or anyone really to buy weed at cheap prices. They also tend to offer more options than traditional marijuana dispensaries. Events have been huge since 2015 when they started to emerge from the underground. The events happened daily with over 10-20 going at any particular day. People were finding jobs as security, event promoters, event hosts, djs, magicians, you name it. Despite raids the events went on strong for years. Finally in 2020 with Covid the events have slowed down. Rather than 10+ a day there are still multiple that can e found throughout the city. Events are fun when a group of different brands get together with a variety of a menu and pricing to allow people to really find what they want at the price they want. It’s more competitive so the products are better for the price. As Virginia has opened up their market a bit more we are seeing many of the events shift to this state. Events are popping off in Virginia Beach area as well as in Richmond. Many of the event hosts have migrated to this state for more prosperity as the events were fueled and more well attended when Virginia wasn’t as open. The events are still fun when you find the good ones. Make sure you reach out and read more about the dc weed events and try to connect with hosts who have been doing it for years. Many of which are featured on our site.

While DC is still working on making it easier for people to buy marijuana, it is allowing some creative types to sell it. One such company is Ghouse DC, which focuses on everything from edibles and crafts to drinks infused with cannabis. Ghouse DC offers edibles, bracelets, flower concentrates, tinctures, and other cannabis-infused products. In addition to edibles, Ghouse DC also offers gifts to customers, such as marijuana-infused gummies and other treats. Other edibles that are available for sale include marijuana-infused cheesecake and brownies.


Delivery services galore


Delivery services for weed in Washington, DC, are available online or by phone. These services only deliver to addresses in the district. They cannot deliver to federal property. They also provide a variety of marijuana products such as edibles, CBD concentrates, and music accessories. The process of ordering a marijuana product is easy and quick. Once you know which type of product you want, you can order it online or over the phone.

Although marijuana is legal, it is not cheap. A delivery service can increase the amount you would normally spend on weed. However, since the coronavirus has caused many to stay indoors, weed delivery services could be a welcome relief. The state of DC has passed legislation that allows residents to possess a small amount of marijuana, but it is illegal for anyone under 21 to possess more than two ounces at a time.

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