What Type of Products Can I Buy to Get Legal Weed in DC?

You’ve packed your bags, saw the sights, and explored the nation’s capital. Unfortunately, at this point in your journey in Washington DC, you’ve now found yourself running low on a key, green element to your trip (and it’s not cash…hopefully). One of the worst-case scenarios has happened; you are officially dankrupt. Fortunately, cannabis is legalized in DC, but there may be some hoops to jump through before you’ll be able to restock your personal supply depending on your user status.

Medical vs. Recreational

If you have a medical marijuana card while you’re on vacation, finding your favorite cannabis products will be easy since DC dispensaries accept medical cards issued by other states. Walking into any nearby dispensary, you should be able to pick up whatever available products suit you with ease, but if you don’t have a medical card, the process to score some great buds is a bit trickier, but not impossible.

Although cannabis is legal recreationally in Washington DC, it’s still prohibited to sell to other people. To bypass this, DC residents have found a loophole in the current regulations. Instead of selling cannabis, individuals created a unique gifting based system. In other words, residents will offer, or sell various items, from toys and clothing to fine art or other miscellaneous products. 

The opportunities are virtually limitless to what could be used, but many event participants prefer smaller products to sell, such as stickers, t-shirts, and even cannabis accessories such as glassware and other smoking supplies. After paying a premium for mundane objects, you are then “gifted” the equivalent amount of cannabis that you paid to obtain the original assorted items. 

Delivery and Events

Cannabis can be found all around Washington DC for recreational use at marijuana-specific events and get-togethers. Due to the ambitions of local cannabis enthusiasts, there are private, invite-only 420 events, and publicly announced venues available at a given time. Another bonus to these cannabis conventions is some may even request a cover charge for admission and will provide a free gift in return! These events are typically socially driven as well, making it an easy way to meet new people on your travels and possibly become friends with someone new!

Unfortunately, regardless of how popular these cannabis events are, they cannot be operating every day as a dispensary would. This means that if your trip isn’t scheduled around the same time of an event, you won’t be able to grab any herb unless you decide to order from a delivery service. By doing a quick search online, you can find many delivery services for various items, such as baseball cards that come with a free gift of ganja. 

No matter what assorted cannabis products you purchase, many people who love the plant have been successful with the temporary recreational market in Washington DC, therefore your experience should end more smoothly than you would expect despite the odd circumstances. So, don’t worry about your supply, and enjoy yourself in the cannabis scene from our nation’s capital!


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