What does Smoking Weed Feel Like?

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There are many people who are curious about the effects of smoking marijuana or have relatives or acquaintances who smoke marijuana and wonder, “What does being high feel like?”  Weed is legal in Washington DC and you may want to try this magical plant.  Weed can be found at many of the dc storefronts, delivery services and events throughout the city. While the experience may be different for every person, there are certain sensations that the majority of users of marijuana get when they consume or smoke pot.  It is always great to smoke weed with someone who has done it if it is your first time trying cannabis.  

Common reactions to inhaling or taking marijuana (also called cannabis) are: 

  • Anxious
  • Confusion
  • Happy
  • Hungry
  • Impulsive
  • Panicked
  • Relaxed
  • Withdrawn

Not all of these impact you at once, and you are not guaranteed to feel all, or any of them.  Some of the factors will be dependent upon the type of weed that you pickup.  There are a ton of different types of weed available in Washington, DC.


Factors that affect How High Feels Like


When someone is stoned on marijuana, their experience is influenced by factors that have nothing connection to the substance and have more to do with the degree of sensitivity to the individual taking the drug to the environment and how they feel about the people they’re with.

The mental state of someone who uses marijuana is called “set” and the environment that they are in when they use marijuana is known is referred to as “setting.”




Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive component of marijuana–the ingredient that causes its effects in the brain. If marijuana contains more THC the effects may be more intense.

Drug Enforcement Agency analysis shows that the levels of THC in illegal marijuana increased quickly from 1995 until the year 2019. Unlicensed sellers aren’t aware of or even acknowledge the strength of the marijuana they’re selling, and therefore you will not know what you’re buying.


Method of Administration


Effects of marijuana may differ according to the method you choose to use, whether you smoke it, employ vaping devices or eat it in the form of in a food. Smoking and vaping produces a faster result than edibles , and also deliver greater amounts of THC in the bloodstream. Due to the delay in the effect, people can accidentally consume more THC via the consumption of edibles.  Sometimes they will eat an edible from a dc weed event or storefront and not feel it right away causing them to eat more and more. 

Smoking marijuana’s effects generally last from one to three hours. When you consume edibles, the effects may take longer to show however, they last greater duration.  It is possible to eat an edible before you go to sleep and wake up still feeling stoned.  

What Happens If you smoke weed?


Frequency of Utilization


Although a complete dependence on marijuana is not common, those who frequently use marijuana may develop dependence to it (especially when they use more potent marijuana with higher levels of THC). They might require more of the marijuana or more frequent usage for the effects they want  Similarly, if you consume cannabis concentrates, or dabs, your tolerance for flower will go through the roof.  It will take a lot more to get you high.  




While there’s not any research that is available, there is evidence that cannabis could be more damaging on executive functioning in teenagers in comparison to. adults. These and other issues that are a result of age may be more prevalent in those who frequently use marijuana. 




With age, data on how individuals of different genders interact with marijuana isn’t as clear. Certain studies suggest that females may experience more of the effects of cannabis (such as anxiety and depression) while males experience external manifestations (such as aggression and impulsiveness). 

How Long Does Marijuana remain in your system?


Sensory Perceptions Are Alternate


People generally notice changes in their perception of the world when they’re intoxicated. While marijuana doesn’t typically cause actual hallucinations in the same way as hallucinogenic substances such as LSD can, users are prone to seeing the world differently when they’re high as opposed to how they typically.

The familiar faces and objects may appear odd or unnatural and often in a manner that is humorous. Colors can appear more vivid as well as aesthetics can be increased; The mood and attitude an person can be projected on the surroundings.

If your surroundings are viewed positively and this is enjoyable. However, it is also possible to experience the world in a negative manner that causes the world to appear harsh and grim.

An increase in the sense of taste may lead to a certain type of binge eating known as “the munchies,” in where greater amounts of food than usual can take in. 8 People who are stoned can consume food in unusual combination, for example, eating chocolate with pickles.

The perceptions of the auditory senses and taste are usually the significantly altered by cannabis. The people who have taken marijuana often experience a more awed by music and could be able to listen to music.


The changes in Mood as well as Mental Status


Effects of cannabis on the mood differ dramatically from one person one, but generally emotions are exaggerated similar fashion to alcohol’s effects on the body. 9 Situations that are normally considered to be neutral can be humorous or absurd, or in the opposite case disturbing and frightening.

Marijuana users typically try to manage the emotions they experience when they are stoned, however it isn’t always possible. situations that involve real or imagined confrontations can be extremely stressful and may trigger intense fear in people who is under the influence of the drug. 

Negative Side-Effects from Marijuana

Its effects on our capacity to relax are different. Many who fall in dependence on marijuana do it for its initial relaxation effects however, the rebound effect usually causes a higher degree of anxiety for people who smoke marijuana. Some suffer from persistent anxiety problems that they try to treat themselves through marijuana, creating the cycle to continue.

Many people feel disoriented or slower when they’re high on marijuana, but this can be a pleasant experience and may even be humorous for the person experiencing the effects.

Very rarely, marijuana can enhance mental function. A investigation of users who regularly smoke marijuana discovered that on the days users consumed marijuana they had more impulses than days they did not smoke. They also were more impulsive the next the next day. 


The effects of Creativity on the brain


Although some claim that marijuana boosts creativity and there is evidence to show that marijuana consumption is linked to the development of more new ideas, it’s unclear if those with creative ideas look to marijuana, or if marijuana enhances the novelty of ideas.

Some research has found that higher doses cause less creativity than doses with lower levels. One study didn’t find any significant differences in the creative abilities of people who consume low doses THC as well as those who are not under influence of cannabis in any way. 

Most often, those intoxicated by marijuana can express thoughts that appear strange, confusing and unreal to those around them. Some artists may are influenced by marijuana in hopes of getting a head start on creative success, but marijuana can hinder their ability to make use of creative ideas productively.


Cognitive effects of Marijuana


Marijuana usage can also impact thinking abilities. While using marijuana, certain individuals may be struggling in problem-solving, memory, attention, and learning. Memory and learning, as well as working memory are those areas that are most susceptible. 

These cognitive effects could persist even after the high has gone. 15 This is more likely to occur among teens, particularly those who begin using marijuana earlier and regularly. 


One Word from DCWeedEvents


The quality of marijuana products can be very different as do people’s reactions to using the substance. This makes it hard to know what a high feels like. There is however evidence that marijuana is helpful in alleviating the symptoms of various medical illnesses.  Purchasing marijuana from a licensed retailer will give you more information as well as control of the strength and the ingredients used that make up a marijuana product.