What does Marijuana Decriminalization in D.C. Mean?

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The rules always seem to be changing, or at least that is what we think, one day there are raids, the next a joint task force, then the task force was temporarily called off. What exactly does marijuana decriminalization in DC mean? What can you do with weed within DC? What can get you in trouble for weed in DC? What does Marijuana Decriminalization in D.C Means?


Weed in DC


Marijuana decriminalization within D.C. means that..while it is still illegal according to federal law it’s not a crime for D.C. for adults 21 years old or older to:
You must have at least two ounces of marijuana
Grow inside their primary home as many marijuana plants they want, not more than three of them are mature
One 1 ounce or less to another person, as in the event that: (1) there is no exchange of money, goods or service are traded also, (2) that the person receiving it is old or older. the age of
Possess marijuana-related drug paraphernalia which is related to the use or possession of drugs which is not a crime in the eyes of D.C. law
Consume marijuana on private property



What is not allowed with Weed in DC


However, it is still illegal according to D.C. law for anyone to:
You can have more than two ounces marijuana
Consume marijuana or smoke it in public areas (parks streets, alleys or sidewalks) or any other place to which the public is welcome (including bars and restaurants) (even smoking hookah and in cigar lounges)
You can sell all or any quantity of marijuana another individual or purchase any amount from another individual
Use a boat or vehicle when you are under the influence
Have the amount you want of marijuana younger than 21
All of the above-mentioned rules define what D.C. police can arrest you for. Federal law enforcement officers are able to arrest anyone who is in the District in connection with possession of any quantity of marijuana. There is no legal way to use marijuana on federal property (which is comprised of Rock Creek Park, the National Mall, and area surrounding federal structures) or within the Metro system. Marijuana remains illegal in public housing.



Finding Safe Areas to Consume


It is important to try and find safe areas around the city to consume. Typically, residential homes are the safest places in Washington DC to smoke weed. Whether it is a friends house, your house, or a neighbors, no one can bother you if you are smoking weed inside one of these places. Different apartment complexes throughout the city have different rules in their leases as to whether or not you can smoke within your unit. Typically, if there is a balcony, you can smoke weed on the balcony. Similarly, many places in DC have rooftops where you can smoke weed. It is best to try to stay out of smoking weed and blowing it in someones face or smoking weed around children. It is typically not the best to try and smoke weed around other people who do not want it.

Another great place to smoke weed includes the woods or on a hike. Make sure that you do not go on any federal property, but a nice hike in the woods can be a great place to light up. Make sure that you watch your weed stop smoking after you are done to ensure you do not cause a fire.

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