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Street Lawyer Services is bringing another epic essential to the line up with Wedding Crashers.  The name immediately brought me back to the 2005 comedy, with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and I was excited to dig in.

The first thing I noticed was the smell, a warm sweet vanilla that brought a delightful sensation to the nose.  The aroma was really nice, and made me want to dig right in.  The nugs looked great aside from one that was predominantly stem.  Absolutely hate, getting those in there, but sometimes they sneak their way into the jars/ bags.  The nugs felt a bit drier than I was anticipating, but the buds were not crumbling at my fingers, so there was definitely still some moisture in there.  The moisture level was not something to complain about, just something to note.

The flavor maintains that same sweet and smooth, calm taste that radiated from the aroma.  It is not too overpowering, but satiates the pallet through the hit.  The ash burned white in my Snodgrass bowl and the flower burned evenly.

The effect on this one was more mild.  I felt an initial cloudiness in the head, but not too overpowering where it impacted judgment.  In fact, the effect was more calming and chill, you can feel the uplifting energy but still maintain your chill vibe.  It kind of gears you up for whatever is next in front of you, whether a boring house chore, or a fun movie!  This strain felt ideal for someone who was looking to either take the edge off, or look to add a little relaxation to their afternoon.

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