Understanding Your Weed Limits

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It’s sometimes hard to find the right products in the dc weed storefronts, or a dc weed event. That’s what we’re here for! Bringing you the knowledge to help you understand more information around weed and more specifically weed in Washington DC. Cannabis products can have a wide range of potency. This makes it difficult to determine how much you can safely take and what to expect. In addition, different cannabis products have different effects on people. Some people will react negatively to edibles, while others will not have a problem with them. There are so many different products in the Washington, D.C. weed market. Despite these differences, there are some general rules to follow when consuming cannabis.


Find the Right Products


The first rule is to use a reputable product. Dispensaries and dc weed storefronts have a responsibility to provide product information and should not sell tainted products. Another important tip is to wait until you know how your body reacts to cannabis before consuming too much of it. Also, it is advisable to use concentrates in moderation because of their high levels of THC. Eating homemade edibles is also dangerous as they cannot be guaranteed to be free from things other than THC. You can find many home made edibles at the dc weed events.


What’s in an Edible?


The THC content of edible products will vary from product to product. Some have as little as 1 mg of THC, while others have up to 100 mgs or more. Edibles in Washington DC are very popular. Smoked cannabis can contain a greater percentage of THC than edibles. In the legal cannabis market, the highest potency edibles contain around 5-10 mg THC per serving due to regulations.


Taking THC too high may trigger unpleasant feelings, though they are not life-threatening. In extreme cases, high doses of THC can trigger psychotic episodes. However, self-care can help you avoid overdosing. If you are unsure of how much THC is safe for you, ask your healthcare provider. It is a good idea to take the smallest possible dose of THC.


Managing Your Weed


Although cannabis is a legal substance, the effects can be harmful if you are not familiar with the effects. Even one or two grams can provide a buzz, so it is important to educate yourself about the effects. The higher the dose of THC, the greater the risk of dependence. In addition, higher doses can lead to psychotic symptoms, so it is best to follow your doctor’s recommendations when using cannabis.


Cannabis edibles take about 20-90 minutes to kick in. They may take longer for those with high tolerances. The effects of edibles may last anywhere from a few hours to several hours. Eating a small dose before bedtime can improve the duration of the effects. However, it is important to remember that an excessive amount of cannabis can lead to a weed hangover, which can feel like extreme groggyness.


To avoid experiencing too many adverse effects, make sure you consume cannabis in a safe environment. It has never been reported that someone died from overdosing on cannabis, but a larger dose can lead to unpleasant effects. To be safe, eat a small amount and wait for a few minutes before eating another one. You can always ask us here at DCWeedevents for any and all weed knowledge.