Top 10 Smoke Shops in DC




Washington DC has a surplus of nearby smoke shops, and finding one nearby shouldn’t be an issue. To help find the best facility for your smoking needs, or just to browse new products to try out firsthand, look no further than this selection of the best smoke shops in DC!

At New Leaf Smokes shop, you can find classic glassware brands like Grav Labs, Pure and more to add to your collection! From essentials like papers and lighters to apparel and novelties, you’re sure to find what you need, and maybe even a souvenir as well.

If novelty glassware and larger accessories suit your needs, check out Funky Piece, located right off of 18th Street! This shop holds an extensive supply of glassware, including novelty pipes. They also host a variety of smell-proof backpacks and pouches for discreet, odorless travel.

For a one-stop destination, Gasaholics is a great shop to swing by. Gasaholics also hosts amazing cannabis gifting for their customers as well as a membership program to be in the know of any upcoming events.

If you’re out late and looking to browse a smoke shop, Smokey Shop has you covered until midnight! This late-night retailer mostly specializes in tobacco products but also caters to general smoking accessories and glassware as well, making it a worthwhile stop.

If glassware collecting is a hobby of yours, stop by DC Glass Gallery. This smoke shop puts emphasis on the artistic side of glassware. Although the price tag for some of these works of art can be high, it’s nonetheless intriguing to browse the gallery’s collection of top-tier glasswork.

Nomad Shop is a smoke shop reveled by locals as being a meaningful stop for both smokers and non-smokers alike. With a wide variety of pipes, cigars, and other unique gift items, something is sure to catch your eye and suit your needs.

On the opposite end of H street as the Nomad Shop lies Up N Down. Synonymous to Nomad, Up N Down offers an ample supply of glassware and accessories, but unlike a few other shops on this list, this shop is a go-to if you’re looking for a free cannabis gift with your purchase!

The Brookland Smoke Shop sets itself apart from its competitors by being a women-owned company, and actively works with support from minorities. Brookland also offers customers a variety of CBD products, from flower to vape cartridges to supply you with whatever necessary.

District smoke factory is a unique stop that not only carries high-quality glass pieces but rents them out too! By providing an alternative to buy g spendy glassware, you can feel free to rent that one-of-a-kind pieces without worrying about breaking them on the way home.


Finally, one of the district’s first stores, Capitol Hemp, is essentially one of the forefathers of passing Initiative 71 and maintains a strong presence in the DC community. Even if you aren’t intending on making a purchase, this shop is worthwhile to visit for the historical significance alone.

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