Three essential tips for growing cannabis in Washington, D.C.

While possession and use of cannabis in the District of Columbia have now been legalized for both medical and recreational users, the City of D.C. has established no legal resources for purchasing weed within that jurisdiction. As a result, one of the most reliable options for maintaining a consistently sufficient supply of the herb is to grow your own. 

As the law is now written, adults are allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants at one time; the only catch is, only three of those plants can be at maturity at any given time. Fortunately, it is also legal to ‘gift’ seeds or plants to someone else, which makes things somewhat more manageable.

One unavoidable fact, however, is that Washington D.C.’s climate does not accommodate the outdoor cultivation of quality cannabis on a year-round basis. As a result, virtually the only way that you can ensure a steady, sustainable reserve is to grow it indoors.

Admittedly, this can require a lot more input of effort on the part of the grower than merely popping a couple of seeds in the ground out in your backyard. So, if you happen to need a little guidance, here are a few useful tips: 

What are the first things to consider when setting up your indoor cultivation project?

Before you get started, determine the type of Cannabis strain that you want to grow. Sativa plants tend to grow taller and will likely require a higher celling in your grow area than Indica strains, which tend to be shorter and denser as they flower. Decide whether you be building a stand-alone outdoor greenhouse, or will be setting up a grow room in a house or apartment. 

If it is the latter, there are now many specially designed ‘grow tents’ that come in a wide variety of configurations that feature air vents, lighting hooks, and other built-in accommodations that allow you to have more control over your growing environment. One of the best aspects of growing tents is that they give new growers precisely what they need at a much lower cost than an actual greenhouse.      

What is the most economically viable method to provide indoor ‘sun’ for your crop?

There are several types of grow lights out on the market that come in a variety of price categories depending upon your individual needs. However, HID’s will offer you the closest replication of the sun’s light spectrum when using HPS and M.H. bulbs.  Just make sure that you have enough wattage to cover the size of your growing area. 400-watt bulbs can cover 1 to 3 plants in an up to 3×3 foot area. A 5×5 area will require 600-watts, and a 1000-watt light will be necessary to provide the coverage needed for a 6×6 foot growing area.        

What types of fertilizers and bloom boosters offer the safest and best options for promoting maximum growth and production?  

Always try to use organic nutrients when possible. When your plants are young, they will need a fertilizer high in nitrogen to help promote stem and leaf growth. Once they begin to show the ‘little white hairs,’ which indicate that they are starting to flower, switch immediately to a high phosphorous compound, such as an African Violet or Orchid bloom booster that will deliver thicker and denser buds upon maturity.  

Need More Growing Tips?

Following these three guidelines will go a long way in helping you to ensure a bountiful and potent reward that will happily supply you until your next crop matures. If you’re looking to grow cannabis in D.C. and need more tips, keep checking our blog here on for more tips and tricks to get the best harvest possible. 

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