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If you’re looking for some of the best quality cannabis available on your trip to Washington DC, you’re in luck! The nation’s capital is brimming with excellent dispensaries, delivery services, and even pop-up events that supply the district with first-rate flower, concentrates and more. Although most, if not all dispensaries in Washington DC are for medical patients only (including out of state licenses), all other methods for stocking up on your favorite cannabis products are available to everyone 21 and older. To help navigate through hundreds of options, here are some outstanding cannabis providers currently operating in the DC area!


For medical patients, the simplest place to find cannabis on a trip to DC is in dispensaries. Washington DC also accepts any valid medical marijuana cards from other states, so if you happen to have a med card available, all you need to do next is locate a dispensary and bring some cash to purchase your choice of products. If you’re looking for a place with great customer service and premium flower, the Takoma Wellness Center is an excellent medical dispensary that’s family-owned and operated. Located just north of downtown, the Takoma Wellness Center is a well-rounded medical dispensary that offers an extensive list of cannabis flower, tinctures, and extracts. This dispensary also assists with medical card applications, and even accepts debit card purchases as well; a rarity in the cannabis business. Price-wise, the Wellness Center can be a bit on the high-side, but with high-quality cannabis products, you may find yourself using much less without sacrificing efficacy.

Delivery Services

One of the most popular ways for recreational users to get their cannabis products is through a delivery service. Cannabis delivery services are plentiful in Washington DC and are currently one of the most common ways to purchase cannabis due to the district’s prohibition of brick and mortar recreational dispensaries. Fast Slice DC is a delivery service serving the DC area that has a decent variety of flower options to choose from, and an extensive list of cartridges and concentrates as well. Like the majority of cannabis operations, it is a cash-only operation, and as a delivery service, their drivers will not have a change, so be sure to have the exact amount you owe or prepare to leave a rounded-up tip!

Buying Cannabis in DC

Another thing to mention about ordering recreational cannabis in Washington DC is that technically your cannabis purchase isn’t a purchase at all. It sounds counterproductive, but due to laws prohibiting the sale of recreational marijuana, only gifting is allowed among adults. When you’re ordering from a delivery company, this means you are making a cash donation or paying for the delivery of a “free” gift of cannabis to be sent to your door. People across the area routinely order high-quality cannabis this way, so sit back, relax, wait for your order to arrive, and enjoy!

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