The Best Pipe, Cigar, and Smoke Shops By Neighborhood Found in D.C.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the nation’s capital of all places, it just might not exist. Washington DC is practically coated with dozens of smoke shops spread across its neighborhoods, including some appropriately historic locations as well. With so many options it can be hard to make a decision on where to go, but by locating one of the shops located in the popular neighborhoods listed below, it should be much easier to determine what stores will work best with your schedule.

Beginning with one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Washington DC, Downtown is home to high-end boutiques, restaurants, and is one of the closest neighborhoods to the one and only White House! Appealing to the high-class aesthetic of the rest of the neighborhood lies W. Curtis Draper Tobacconist. Notably the oldest cigar establishment in DC and the third oldest in the country, Drapers is an elite, well-established shop specializing in premium cigars and rolling services. Although their high-quality products come with an equally high price tag, you can expect the best from this shop that has been in operation for over 100 years.

Northwest of Downtown lies DC’s Georgetown neighborhood. Here, you can find Georgetown Tobacco. This store holds a variety of classic pipes cigars, and smoking accessories. Another unique commodity provided by this shop is its extensive collection of authentic Venetian carnival masks. Each mask is one of a kind and hand-painted by an artist in Italy, making them the perfect statement piece at home, or an intriguing gift for a friend. Some other wearable art found in this shop include intricately designed walking canes, cufflinks, and handcrafted poster vases.

Known for its artsy, more eclectic vibe, H Street Corridor in DC is just a few miles east of Downtown, and the home of New Leaf Cigar & Smoke Shop. New Leaf offers much of what other smoke shops supply, such as cigars and pipe, but also cater to cannabis consumers as well with cannabis gifting options. Furthermore, this store offers a collection of glassware from reliable brands, and a generously sized assortment of apparel for grabs, making it a one-stop-shop for all of your smoking needs, regardless of your preference for either cannabis or tobacco.

Finally, in the northern neighborhood of Adams Morgan, Capitol Hemp can be found. This iconic shop has its roots set deep in the cannabis culture in DC, and fittingly aims to serve the community in that specialty, and offers everything that you need for an awesome smoke session. There are hundreds of neighborhoods in the DC area that are a host to dozens of smoke shops, but by highlighting a few stores in some of the more well-known neighborhoods in the area, you should gain a better understanding of where to look for the products you are searching for. And if you are ever in doubt of where to go, by using this guide, you can always try walking around the closest neighborhood and just see what catches your eye!

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