The Best Edible Companies To Try in Washington D.C.

In order to sell edibles in D.C., they need to be compliant with the Safe Cannabis Sales Act, which outlines the guidelines for which cannabis vendors must adhere to when selling cannabis. The law prohibits consumers from obtaining more than 16 ounces of cannabis in edible form and 72 ounces in liquid form per day. 

So, while adhering to these laws, the consumption of cannabis in edible form is completely legal. There are many different kinds of edibles available on the market, but what is found to be most common in Washington D.C. are gummy candies, baked goods, capsules, and tasty tinctures. Below you will find some of the most popular edible brands found in Washington D.C.

District Cannabis, seems to be one of the most popular edible brands seen in almost every dispensary and delivery service in the D.C. area. The district is locally based in Washington D.C. and carries a wide variety of edible products from gummies to chocolate to capsule form. Known for their medicated honey, offering both THC and CBD varieties, this honey is a discreet way to enhance your morning coffee or smoothie.

Dixie, a cannabis brand owned by Curio, but that carries a completely different selection of products. Most known for offering an array of cannabis-infused drinks such as lemonade and fruit punch. But also known for their tablet, which dissolves in the mouth during consumption. All of their products are offered in a variety of dosages. Some offered with purely THC, some with only CBD, and a few varieties with a mixture of both THC and CBD.

Curio, a company founded on the basis of wellness and bringing healing to their customers, they have made cannabis more accessible by bringing a variety of forms to the market. Primarily known for their ‘chews’, which are essentially just gummies. But they bring a different spin to the typical gummy as they are a 100% vegan company and only use natural flavors. Bringing creative flavors such as mango ginger and blood orange turmeric to the cannabis market.

Verano, a company based out of Maryland, originally known for the flower they provide, has become a leader in the edible form of cannabis in the D.C. area. With offerings in gummy form, they have edibles for every type of consumer. Some products higher in THC and some products higher in CBD, ensuring every kind of consumer is accommodated.

The Feel Collection, this is a little different from the previous brands as this one only offers tincture. Tinctures are still taken internally, and the same mechanism of the action takes place inside the body as an edible. So, one can become just as elevated with a tincture as they can with an edible. The Feel Collection also differs because this is pure women-owned business. These women started blending cannabis with natural ingredients and essential oils to create products that provide a variety of different effects. There is something for every kind of marijuana consumer at the Feel Collection. 

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