NEW YORK — Surfside, a trailblazer in the next generation of advertising technology, has joined forces with BLAZE, an industry-leading cannabis software suite, to bring Surfside’s revolutionary Commerce Media solution to BLAZE ECOM™ retailers.

With this partnership, BLAZE ECOM™ retail partners can now access the following program benefits:

High Margin Revenue: Retail partners can now effortlessly earn passive revenue by monetizing ad units within their e-commerce menu, providing a lucrative opportunity to bolster their bottom line.

Increased Basket Sizes: Retail media ad placements are shown to increase the average basket size by 18% by influencing customers to add products to their carts they weren’t initially considering.

Improved Brand Partnerships: By enabling brands to purchase premium placement within their digital storefront, retailers can drive more sales and foster stronger relationships with the brands they stock, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

Revenue Tracking: The integration provides comprehensive tools to measure revenue from each ad unit, offering invaluable insights into fill rate and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) derived from brand campaigns, empowering retailers to make informed decisions about their advertising strategies from sales captured at the POS.

Frictionless Activation: Implementing banner ads to occupy top positions on BLAZE ECOM™ powered menus has never been easier, streamlining the process for retailers to enhance their online presence and maximize visibility.

“BLAZE ECOM is already powering hundreds of online menus across North America and growing quickly. With this footprint, we’re poised to build the largest retail media footprint in the cannabis industry,” said Jon Lowen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at Surfside. “This partnership is a testament to our commitment to driving meaningful change and delivering unparalleled value to our clients and their customers. Together, we’re not just providing solutions; we’re shaping the future of retailing in the cannabis space.”

Scott Roehrick, VP of E-Commerce at BLAZE, shares his excitement for the partnership, saying, “Cannabis retail is evolving rapidly, and our partnership with Surfside represents a pivotal moment in the industry. By integrating cutting-edge advertising technology into the BLAZE ECOM™ platform, we’re empowering retailers to not only maximize revenue but also forge stronger connections with their customers and brand partners. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that drive success for cannabis businesses in the digital age.”

Commerce Media, which launched out of private beta in July 2023, introduces an innovative advertising channel that seamlessly integrates with a retailer’s ecommerce menu, enabling brands to advertise directly to in-market shoppers at the point of purchase via premium ad placements.


BLAZE powers the cannabis industry with intuitive technology solutions. Founded in 2017 by tech entrepreneurs and cannabis operators, the BLAZE software suite fully supports vertically integrated operations, standalone retailers and delivery services. BLAZE provides POS, e-commerce, payments, analytics and delivery management services to 1500+ cannabis businesses across North America. BLAZE offers full APIs and integrates seamlessly with over 60 cannabis tech platforms.

About Surfside

Surfside is a fully connected marketing platform that aggregates first-party data across all customer touchpoints, allowing advertisers the ability to better understand, target, and measure how to influence current and future customers. With a mission to empower brands and retailers to connect with their customers through personalized marketing, Surfside’s innovative platform offers unique advertising opportunities that drive revenue, improve shopping experiences, and help businesses grow.

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