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Take a trip down to Miami with this heater.  JusBlaze is always bringing some fire to the district and we love that he is tapped in with the Trolliz crew.  The holographic blue bag with the Miami vibes on it draws us right to it.  The holographic vibes stick right out amongst its peers on the shelf and the Trolliz brands speaks for itself.  JusBlaze is always blessing us with some of his best so we knew this one would not disappoint.

When you pop open the bag the smell gets to you right away.  It is one of those smells that lingers, and gets stronger as you move your nose closer and closer the bag.  And damn, that shit hits.

After my first bowl pack, I felt a whack to the dome.  My head was absolutely buzzing and I was loving it.  As I worked my way through some more hits, I noticed I started getting those weed sweats that you get when your weed is on point.  The taste gives off a fruity flavor that leaves an aftertaste in your mouth after the exhale that you can taste beyond the hit.  I love when that flavor just sticks around.  The headbuzz maintains for a bit and then works its way down your body. You feel extra relaxed, like you want to just hang out but, still can maintain the focus to get shit done. Your body does feel a bit heavy especially in the upper body and shoulders.  I noticed some of normal aches and pains subsided a bit.

This one is a winner for those who like to really feel their high.  I could tell from my head to my body and felt it get stronger with each hit.  Each new bowl would renew my weed sweats and confirm that yes, I was still indeed high.

JusBlaze pops up a few times a week in an essential storefront.  His private events are invite only and invites can be obtained through his Instagram page @jusblaze__dc

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