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Background on Seven O’ Tree


Seven O’ Tree was founded by three passionate cannabis professionals who apply their real world business acumen to the Washington, D.C. weed market. They came, they saw, they conquer. These guys saw an opportunity to come in, provide really good weed, at great prices and focus on quality service right over the border from Virginia in Georgetown. These guys do it all, from professional day jobs, to being open some of the latest in the city for people to access cannabis every single day. They are considered a D.C. weed meetup company. They are consistent and always professional, focusing on ease and customer safety.


About the Seven O’ Tree Process


Seven O’ Tree is located in Georgetown where they mostly do meetups for cannabis gifts with their customers. They are open from Sunday to Thursday 5PM -9PM and Friday/ Saturday from 5pm to midnight. The company focuses on quality and convenience, many customers choosing to not even get out of their car and opting for curbside weed pick-ups. Their motto, Quick – Safe- Easy demonstrates their emphasis on customer experience and ensuring that people feel comfortable through the entire transaction and leave happy. Their customer first mentality helps them with their customer retention and loyalty- at times it can be difficult to find trusted vendors within the city. Seven O’ Tree will take the extra step to make sure their customers feel safe throughout the entire experience. This is important as they have some of the latest hours in the city, and sometimes it can get a bit more sketchy to meet up late at night. These guys ease all concerns and make the late night meet very easy and doable. It is important that you do your research on companies before you meet with them to ensure they are safe and reliable.


Seven O’ Tree Weed Gifting Menu

They have a full menu with everything! From designer weed, to locally grown and sourced products, these guys have everything you could want, and can meet every price point. Seven O’ Tree can be trusted, when you see a bag, it is not fake. They work with some of the biggest brands in California including Backpack Boyz and Alien Labs. They have edibles, flower, concentrates and vape cartridges. If there is a cannabis product that you want, these guys either have it or can get it for you. Seven O’ Tree has a high quality standard and backs all of the products on their menu. In other words, they would not put anything on the menu that the team does not approve and want to smoke or consume themselves. Some of their favorite products include the Kush Mintz and Skittlez which are both absolutely fire.


Contacting Seven O’ Tree


Seven O’ Tree believes in fair pricing for their products. They have a wide menu, updated weekly with something for everyone at all price levels. They currently have two Instagram accounts, their main page is @Seven_O_Tree and their backup @7_o_tree which also provides cannabis photos of products on their menu. It is preferred to use their main account for all contact, but best to follow both accounts in case one of them is ever deleted. Fortunately, these guys have not had as much problems with Instagram as other companies in the city. For more information, you can also check out their menu and photos from their telegram which can be accessed if you click here. Seven O’ Tree is a professional, safe, and convenient option to get any kind of cannabis within Washington, D.C. and a great option if you need a later meet up in the city.

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