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Calling all space enthusiasts!! We have a new one for you!!! This one does not disappoint.

Street Lawyer Services Gifts introduced to Washington, D.C. their QUUAAAAAAAADAAAAAAYYYY with this absolute banger from outer space Pluto.  From the moment you take the lid off the jar you get wacked in the nose with a fresh punch.  It gives off some gelato vibes and definitely something that keeps your nose wanting more.  Pluto has a great nose that stands up to its QUUAAAAAAAADAYYYY categorization.

The bud is considered an indica dominant hybrid and the girls over at Street Lawyer were emphasizing that this ones an absolute hitter.  The nug structure is very solid and the nugs are coated in keif.  This bud is an absolute winner for indica lovers.  It gives that cerebral high that is followed by an intense body high that that flows throughout the body. After this rush, you can still function and do what it is needed to get done! An indica that sort of gives you that smooth but long lasting high without the stress of being couched-locked.

The smoke was very smooth all the way through.  It burned evenly and was not harsh. The fruity flavor pulled through on the inhale. 

Street Lawyer Services offers a great variety of top tier essentials.  This was one of our favorites of their top echelon of essentials. 

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