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Lion King Emporium has been rocking in the city for years. He started as a vendor at the dc weed events, and then quickly transitioned as he gained success and notoriety in the city to becoming an event host. Lion King Emporium, or LKE has not stopped innovating and changing the way they connect with cannabis consumers in the city. Rather than rotate to different locations similar to other dc weed events, they transitioned into an awesome storefront and lounge location. The LKE Lounge is located close to Capitol Hill in SE, DC at 1123 Pennsylvania Avenue, Southeast.


A New Lounge is Born

The lounge is open 7 days a week from 11AM to 7PM. LKE has truly gone above and beyond to become a destination, rather than just another weed storefront in Washington, D.C. You can enter the lounge from the street, there is a marked door and you go right up the stairs. When you get in, you enter the greeting or waiting room. Members of the lounge can sometimes be found sitting in the chairs here just enjoying a smoke or casual conversation. When you venture on to the room to the left, you are greeted with an amazing assortment of everything you could imagine.


Bringing All the Variety in One Easy Location

LKE is all about variety, and there are typically multiple other companies or brands within the LKE lounge. This gives the customer the opportunity to check out multiple brands, companies, products, at really good and competitive prices. Within the companies inside the LKE storefront, you can find anything you want. The vibe inside this room gives you a dc weed event feel, but in a safe and comfortable location. People tend to like the multiple choices and variety that the events give, and LKE does not disappoint.

Inside this room you will also find the Lion King Emporium table. They have done an incredible job of sourcing quality cannabis at multiple price points. Their flower menu typically has multiple levels based on different gifting amounts: Low Shelf, Top Shelf, and King’s Cut respectively. The pricing is standard and fair compared to other storefronts across the city. The Low Shelf donations start at 40 and go to 280 while the King’s Cut Starts at 60 and goes up to 420. They have a multitude of strains, varying from OG Zkittlez, to White Runtz, and Gelatti. They have done a great job at stocking edibles as well. They have an assortment of different edibles which they call infusions on their menu. All of their edibles are priced the same no matter which kind you get whether it is a gummy product or cereal bar.

A Special Focus on Health and Wellness


LKE goes the extra mile to also focus on health and wellness. Their menu consists of a few dedicated health and wellness products. These products do not include THC, the active cannabinoid in weed that gives you the high or stoned feeling.

The emphasis here is on CBD products which can help with an assortment of ailments. LKE offers an oral gummy product, a tincture that can be taken orally or applied to the skin, and a repair salve for topical use.


Lounge and Event Space


LKE is also known to host special events at their location. Sometimes local celebrities or musicians will come through their location. They have a great thing going in a great spot. The lounge is set up and ready for anyone to go over and hangout or chill and sesh. They encourage you to come and bring friends as its always more fun with friends. LKE also has a game room that they have setup within the lounge. Play video games, board games, or just straight up chill.
LKE can be contacted on Instagram at @Lion_King_DC or through their website at Their website also lists their current menu and allows people to book 30 minute consults for their in house visits. Consults are not required to visit and shop at LKE.

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