Is DC Cannabis More Potent Today in 2022?

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Is DC Cannabis More Potent Today in 2022?

Studies by the U.S. federal government have found that marijuana has increased its by 10 to 25 times its potency since the 1960s.  Today’s weed isn’t the same as your parents weed back in the 60’s 70’s 80’s etc.  With the recent legalization of marijuana, there’s a rise in the number of new cannabis strains. These strains are developed by breeders for specific purposes, such as treating depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. They differ in genetic profile and strength, and are known for their terpenoids, which are essential oils found in the flower. These chemicals are responsible for cannabis’ characteristic smell, flavor, and behavioral effects.  We know a lot more about how the cannabinoids and terpenoids work within the plant to impact and effect a user’s high.  The innovation in growing methods, techniques, and nutrients have all impacted the weed that we have today in D.C.

Advances in technology and growing techniques

To answer the question of why DC cannabis is so much more potent today, we must look at how cannabis grows. As the cannabis industry has become increasingly high-tech, potency levels have increased. However, this process is not as linear as it used to be. DC Cannabis grows differently in different countries, and the amount of THC in a sample varies wildly depending on where the weed was grown, and how. The potency of marijuana is also affected by how old the weed is.  Weed that is left out to dry will lose potency over time.  Typically, freshly cured weed is the best and has the highest potency with the most trichomes.  The fewer people who touch it which would shake off the trichome heads, the better.

Marijuana naturally produces over 100 compounds the most popular ones are THC and CBD. THC is the part of the plant that gets you “High” whereas CBD is known to have more medicinal benefits and impact.  When testing the plants, a lab will look at the % of all of the cannabinoids (like THC, CBD, etc.) and how prevalent they are in comparison to the other cannabinoids in the strain.  The higher percentage of THC does not always mean more potent, typically it is an entourage effect combining the impacts of all of the cannabinoids together.  Thus, the single cannabinoid THC cannot be the only determining factor in how potent weed is.

The Rise of Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts

Advances in technology now allow cannabis producers to create cannabis extracts which are highly concentrated forms of cannabis typically in a waxy consistency.  This has led to an increase in “Dabbing” or using a torch and nail to consume cannabis extracts.  These highly potent extracts can test anywhere from 70-90% THC potency which is significantly higher than raw flower which typically can test from 14-35%.  Therefore, you can see that extracts are significantly stronger than raw flower and must be consumed carefully.  One dab can be as much as taking five to ten bong rips at once.  This can be too much for some people as they are not used to such strong DC cannabis, especially not in concentrate form.  New users are urged to start with small dabs and leave plenty of time between each one.  Dabs will also build your tolerance to normal DC cannabis smoke.  If you start dabbing, it will require rawer flower to produce the same high as before.  This is due to your body adapting to the higher % of THC in the DC cannabis you are consuming.  Dabbing is a social activity just like smoking weed with friends.  There is an entire underground world revolving around cannabis extracts, the glass used to smoke it, and the culture surrounding everything.


With the legality of DC cannabis in Washington, D.C. you can now find it everywhere.  We help you find weed in storefronts, delivery services and from meetups.  Weed is very prevalent across the city.  Today’s weed is much stronger than your parents weed.  Advances in growing technologies, techniques, strains, and the transfer of knowledge has allowed the plant to continue to flourish with strong genetics.  With the rise in popularity of DC cannabis concentrates, the strength of weed will continue to trend upwards.  We are always here to help you find the best weed in DC.  Let us know if you need help getting in contact with someone for weed.