How To Get Weed in DC ?

How to get weed in DC

On February 26, 2015 Initiative 71 became a law in Washington, D.C.   This allowed adults to possess two ounces or less of marijuana; grow within their primary residence up to six marijuana plants, no more than three of which are mature; Transfer one ounce or less of marijuana to another person as long as: (1) no money, goods, or services are exchanged; and (2) the recipient is 21 years of age or older; and Consumer marijuana on a private property.  Weed was finally recreationally legalized in Washington, D.C. but with these regulations, how can someone get weed in Washington, D.C.?  The regulations confused a lot of people in the district and a vibrant Washington, D.C. marijuana market was formed.  There are multiple ways for people to how get weed in Washington, D.C. both in the medical marijuana market and the recreational weed market. How to Get Weed in DC & How Can We Get the Weed delivery in dc? Here U need to Know the State Law on Weed. Here’s the step by step process on how to get weed in DC & Weed delivery in dc


I71 Weed Gifting Services


The Initiative 71 recreational “market” in Washington, D.C. is comprised of hundreds of microbusinesses which operate through multiple creative outlets within the district. For the Services of Weed delivery in dc, Choose the Dc Weed Events. Cannabis cannot be directly sold for monetary goods or services, so businesses started selling ancillary products/services and gifting “free” weed.  You must be 21 or older to engage or interact with any cannabis businesses in Washington, D.C. The top businesses that we recommend and promote for here within the Washington, D.C. i71 market include:



1. StreetLawyer Services Gifts



LonnyTheStreetLawyer has created an epic brand and has an awesome team.  SLS strives to be consistent, convenient, and an incredible vibe at 409 H St NE.  The SLS girls are a ton of fun and provide a great experience in this storefront.  Check their website for their latest menu, or just walk on in anytime. @StreetLawyerServicesGifts_



2. GiftedCurators DC



GiftedCurators popped up more recently but has made quite the splash in Adams Morgan!  They have an epic vibe and focus on curating hip art and clothing.  Their art gallery in Adams Morgan is open dailywith a great selection of cannabis at 2118 18th St NW.  Keep an eye out as they will be moving locations soon. @GiftedcuratorsDC




3. FastSliceDMV




If you are looking for a top delivery company in Washington, D.C. FastSliceDMV has you covered.  They have a solid menu with great variety and are starting to establish themselves as a go-to in the community.  One of the top customer service companies, chill vibes, good weed, and solid hours.  These guys do meetups and deliveries within Washington, D.C. city limits every day of the week.  They have been operating for a bit over a year within the district.



4. GasWayDC



The biggest DC Weed event host in Washington, D.C..  Popping up nearly daily events bringing the biggest variety of vendors and companies under one roof.  This is the epitome of what a DC Weed Event is.  The event scene has shifted, especially with COVID-19 and GasWay has been at the forefront of events.  GasWayDC pops around multiple venues and invites are sent via Instagram @GasWayDC




5. JusBlazeDC




Around multiple times of the week with a solo free entry show.  JusBlaze has his own Runtz strain, and consistently brings top of the line cannabis to the city.  JusBlaze cares about his people and truly tries to provide a consistent quality experience.  Invites are sent via Instagram @JusBlazeDC




6. DiamondTreesDC




Always located around the Wharf in SouthEast Washington, D.C. and brings an awesome tiered cannabis menu to allow for anyone to be able to find cannabis they enjoy at a price point they are used to paying.  The owner is a really nice guy who truly cares about his people. He takes the time to handmake his own artwork and go the extra mile.  @DiamondtreesDC on Instagram




7. GhouseDC




These guys have been around for years and are consistently bringing some of the top weed to Washington, D.C. They are open every single day and have a wide variety in their menu.  They have recently been really knocking it out of the park with their premium cannabis.  These guys have a great attitude and are sure to be able to help you find what you’re looking for.




8. LoudplanetDC




One of the most consistent running events in the city, Loudplanet brings a variety of DMV companies under one roof for daily events.  Loudplanet understands how to curate an event and pops up every week with a multitude of DC Weed Events.  Loudplanet can be contacted on Instagram for invites @LoudPlanetDC




9. CapitolTHC




CapitolTHC or The Healthy Coffee rocks weekly Monday to Saturday in Washington, D.C.  They will host a meetup location or a mini DC Weed Event where they invite other brands.  These guys have a wide variety in their menu and do not disappoint.




10. VAPackBoyz




One of the newest members to this list, VAPackBoyz has taken the DMV by surprise.  He came in trails blazing and focuses on DC Weed Delivery within the entire DC, Maryland, Virginia region.  VAPackBoyz has recently scaled his team rapidly as he is experiencing so much growth.  This is an awesome company for meetups and deliveries in Washington D.C.




11. BudiblesEvents




These guys are consistent and always working to bring a high quality menu.  They rotate between hosting multiple vendors in events and doing solo meetups within Washington, D.C.  They have an everchanging menu so be sure to hit them up on Instagram to see what is in stock. @BudiblesDMV




12. GrowHaus202




My guy is always bringing some of the top vibes to Washington, D.C. he has an incredible variety of top shelf cannabis.  This is some of the best stuff in Washington, D.C.  Run by DMV Ant, a club promoter in the area, GrowHaus knows how to host a DC Weed Event or run his own meetup/ delivery service.


How to Get Recreational Weed In Washington, D.C.


There are five ways to get weed in Washington, D.C. and some companies offer multiple outlets.  You do not need to be a Washington, D.C. resident to interact or engage with any of the companies.  Most, if not all, will require you to meet within Washington, D.C. city limits.  This means, if you are in Arlington, Virginia, you may have to drive across the bridge to meet someone in Georgetown, for a meetup or delivery.These are becoming more popular within the city.  Storefronts are shops that anyone 21+ can walk into and look for “gifts”.  Oftentimes this will be a CBD shop, glass store, or convenience store.  The advantage to a storefront is that you can walk in during store hours any have the ability to look at the flower and products to help make your decision.  Oftentimes, the storefronts control the vibes to give you a more personalized experience with the budtender or person working. We recommend Street Lawyer Services Gifts and Gifted Curators DC.


These are pre-arranged meetings where you connect with a brand at a predetermined indoor location, usually a storefront, AirBnB or hotel.  The menu is usually provided beforehand and the transaction is either paid for before arrival or on-site when you pick up your prepackaged bag.  You will need to schedule an appointment ahead of time, so make sure you are planning accordingly.  It is best advised to reach out as early as possible in the morning or even the day before.




These companies operate like any typical delivery service in Washington D.C. and bring your weed and gifts anywhere within city limits.  There are many delivery services within the city and companies can typically deliver your cannabis within a 1-2 hour window.  There are some companies who strive to operate within 30minutes-1 hour but this is for some of the faster services like Washington Joint or Fast Slice DC.  Some of these companies have their own online websites and ordering systems, others take orders through phone numbers and Instagram.  These companies are unable to deliver to federal property so make sure that you plan accordingly.




Meet-ups are a combination of delivery/ pickups where you typically meet the company or representative in a designated public location or street.  Meet-ups can be more casual depending on the company and the process.  Some companies may require payment up front, which can be less ideal for people who like to look through, inspect, and smell their weed.  Meet-ups are a great and easy way to connect with a brand while out and about in Washington D.C.  Most delivery companies will also accommodate a meet-up at a designated location. Our Consultant Will Guide You That How to get Weed in DC Online


DC Weed Events or Pop-ups


The DC Weed Events are daily events in which multiple brands come together under one roof to provide their gifts or services to people 21 years or older.  Anyone from anywhere can come to an event as long as you have your invitation and an ID.  Invitations for events are distributed by individual event hosts.  Events should have proper security to check IDs and do pat downs at the door.  It is imperative for an event host to make everyone feel safe and secure.  Due to COVID19 the DC Weed Event scene has toned down a bit to comply with all regulations, however, there are still multiple events weekly.


Where to smoke in Washington, D.C.?


It is illegal to smoke weed on federal property anywhere within Washington, D.C.  By law you are permitted to smoke in your private property or residence. You are not allowed to consume cannabis publicly, however, it is not heavily enforced and only a $25 fine.


Cannabis lounges have not gone mainstream due to local laws.  Some of the DC Weed Events will have a consumption lounge area or some sort of place for people to smoke.  It is important to check with the host beforehand and do not make any assumptions.


The best places to smoke are a private residence or a friend’s private residence (or balcony).  This is completely legal and you can enjoy cannabis.


Medical Marijuana in Washington, D.C.


If you are a medical patient, there are very straightforward ways for you to get lab tested weed in Washington, D.C.  There are currently 7 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and 8 licensed cultivation centers in Washington D.C.The Medical Market has really opened up in Washington, D.C. to allow for many people to seek a recommendation if needed within the district.  To get a medical card, residents will need to meet with their primary care doctor, or use a website like to find and book an appointment with a local doctor. So, Now Take The Just Info On How to Get Weed in DC.


Here are the 7 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries which will require a medical card from Washington, D.C. or any out- of- state medical marijuana card.


1.Anacostia Organics

2022 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE Washington, DC 20020(202) 845-8574


2.Capital City Care

1115 U St NW  Washington, DC 20009 (202) 292-5071


3.DC Holistic Wellness

4721 Sheriff Rd NE Washington, DC 20019 (202) 388-3000


4.Herbal Alternatives

1710 Rhode Island Ave NW   Washington, DC 20036 (202) 618-5635


5.Metropolitan Wellness Center

409 8th St SE Ste 201  Washington, DC 20003 (202) 817-3920


6.National Holistic Healing Center

1718 Connecticut Ave NW Level T Washington, DC 20009  (202) 234-0780


7.Takoma Wellness Center

6925 Blair Rd NW Washington, DC 20012 (202) 465-4260


Grow Your Own


One of the best ways to enjoy cannabis in Washington, D.C. is to grow your own.  There are many growers in the area who have gained notoriety and often give back to the community through grow classes, clones, or other initiatives.  If you are looking to grow your own in the district, contact us to help connect you with a local grower!

For more information on Initiative- 71 click here.

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