How Do Pick up Sessions Work in DC?

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You’ve found the delivery service you want to order from and picked out the products you want, what’s next? Ordering and picking up your items. Cannabis delivery is the norm for Washington DC due to their lack of dispensaries, but as a first-time customer, it may feel foreign and downright sketchy to meet up at a random location to pay for some good herb. Although the method feels like an old fashioned ”deal”, modern pick up sessions are far from it, and after years of service in the area, many residents of the district won’t even bat an eye at the process.

When you are ready to order from a legitimate cannabis delivery service in the nation’s capital, the first thing that is typically asked of you is for you to test the service a photo of your id, and possibly a selfie of you with your id. The reasoning behind this is for the delivery service to confirm your identity and ensure you are essentially who you say you are since nobody wants to be blindsided or unintentionally put into an unsafe situation when there are significant quantities of monetary donations trading hands. Right after the verification process, you will then decide (depending on company policies) on whether you want to have your cannabis delivered or if you want to schedule a place and time to pick up your order. Regardless of your choice, receiving your cannabis isn’t instantaneous. On average, it can take up to two hours for delivery or for scheduling a pick-up time.

Once your pickup time is scheduled, the delivery service will most likely tell you where to go to pick up your order or will tell you promptly before it’s time to meet. Pickup locations typically vary from service to service, and even sometimes in order to keep both you and the company’s information discrete, so it is rare to be able to find out where you could meet ahead of time from former customers. When you arrive at your predetermined meeting spot, the actual process of obtaining your cannabis is fairly simple.

Although it may reflect the ancient dealings of the past, when using a genuine distributor, cannabis pickups are quite safe, secure and 100% legal. This may feel like the most anxiety-ridden part of the whole process, but by this point, you’re already in the home stretch of your order and will soon have your cannabis safely in hand. With your cash donation ready in hand, you will finally meet with your delivery person face to face.


After you receive your gifts and give the delivery representative your cash donation, congratulations! You’ve just completed your first recreational cannabis gifting transaction! Now that all the anticipation and apprehensive thoughts that were going through your head before the last few minutes of your order are over, feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy your cannabis in the capital (just don’t forget that consumption in public and federal areas are still prohibited under the district’s laws).

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