How Do Marijuana Deliveries Work In D.C.?


Weed is legal on the state level in Washington D.C. but the laws are complex – and with legal weed comes legal cannabis-selling businesses. The legalization of recreational weed is on the books in 2020, but as it stands, cannabis is for medicinal purposes only in our nation’s capital. Initiative 71 states that consumers over the age of 21 can possess up to two ounces and indulge on private property, but the sale of marijuana is prohibited, despite the fact that dispensaries abound in the city. If you’re caught smoking weed in public, it’s a slap on the wrist with a $25 fine. You can also cruise downtown and get your bud back from the police station after you pay the fine, as long as it’s under 2 ounces.

Weed is still illegal on the federal level in D.C. and, as we all know, there is plenty of federal property in the city. If you’re caught smoking or in possession of cannabis on federal property, Initiative 71 does not offer any protection. It’s important to know your rights as a consumer of cannabis in the nation’s capital–if you’re smart about it, all is well. So how do you get your hands on some D.C. bud if you can’t buy it? The good news is that companies are exploring and learning every complexity surrounding the financial side of marijuana purchases. Cannabis delivery is becoming a popular category in the burgeoning cannabis space, with several companies that offer these services already being made available.

Marijuana delivery services in D.C. have various different items for consumption. They are exercising a loophole in the law which allows businesses to “gift” marijuana to consumers as a thank you for buying a different product, such as a t-shirt or a souvenir. They also operate in a way that is different than a typical buyer-seller situation. Additionally, there are plenty of marijuana delivery services around town that accept “cash donations only,” which is in compliance with Initiative 71. Like all major metropolitan hubs in America, traffic is terrible in D.C. which can make for long delivery wait times. There are a couple of delivery services in the city offer 24-hour service, 7 days a week, so you don’t have to freeze when you need to make a run in the dead of winter. It’s these kinds of innovative services in the cannabis industry that allows these purchases to be made without fear of repercussions and as time goes on — and soon enough other bigger companies will most likely follow suit.

Although the flower you desire can be delivered right to your front door, it doesn’t come without an added cost—delivered weed in D.C. can be pricey but rewarding. But, rest assured that the individuals who deliver cannabis have seen people from every walk of life from the person who dabbles in weed from time to time to the veteran smoker who has been lighting up since their teenage years.



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