Here Are The Top Five Ways to Mask The Smell of Weed

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If you are familiar with cannabis, you are familiar with the pungent smell that commonly known to exude from the plant when burned. Descriptors like “skunky” and “sweet cheese” instantly come to mind – and for some sweet and super dank. Whether it is being smoked or simply laying around in a plastic bag, the smell has a long-reaching, lingering effect. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep its smell to a minimum in your home, there are some effective ways to mitigate the issue.

Everyone has their preference, to each their own — it’s always “one love” with cannabis. However, those who enjoy the aromatics of the plant and waft its smell like a badge of honor, but still prefer to experience and enjoy their cannabis products in a more discreet manner, we share a few suggestions that can help cannabis enthusiasts keep things concealed.

  • The Execution of Non-Aromatic Storage

Your first line of defense against olfactory detection of cannabis is storing it in air-tight containers. Plastic bags or opened packages from dispensaries are not sufficient in containing the smell. Pop over to your local grocer and purchase glass canning jars and lids. Air-tight glass containers coupled with a cool and dark storage place can not only help eliminate the smell but also extend the shelf-life of your cannabis flower.

  • The Cover Up Method

To cover up the smell of the smoke, a common method is using incense or air fresheners. There are many different ones that will do the trick, subjective to your particular taste, but it is suggested that you look for air fresheners that are “odor neutralizers” or “odor removers” when shopping for your flavor. Febreze seems to be a popular odor eliminator.

  • The Gadgets and Gizmos Approach

Remember when you were a kid trying to hide the smell of smoking by taking a toilet paper roll, attaching a dryer sheet to one end with a rubber band and blowing your smoke through it so the smoke eliminated would smell like the dryer sheet? That age-old trick will still work today. However, if you have some extra money, you could also look into buying one of the many carbon filters on the market today. Many cannabis consumers have found “Sploofy” an excellent eco-friendly choice in filters to remove odors and contaminants.

  • Methods that Don’t Require Smoking At All

Cannabis vaporizers, edibles, and candies are as common in recreationally legal states as liquor. If you are lucky enough to live in one of these states and want to minimize the aromatic presence of cannabis around you, try out some of these smokeless options.

  • The Tried and True Method – Ventilation

Some people may be sensitive to incense or the perfumes in air fresheners, so if you are in an area where opening windows and doors and turning on a fan will not bother neighbors, ventilation is a very effective method to remove unwanted smells.

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