Guide to Bad Marijuana — How to Tell

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There are many ways to tell the difference between good and bad buds. For the advanced smoker, these differences are often glaring and easily detectable but for those on the entry-level, the difference might not be so apparent. Guide to Bad Marijuana — How to Tell


The number one easiest way to tell the difference between good and bad weed is the presence (hopefully absence) of stems, sticks, and seeds. Snoop Dogg summed it up in a quick line on the Chronic 92’ album, “No stems, no sticks, no seeds. Gimme some of that sticky, icky.” Put your weed to Snoop test and make sure it is free of stems, sticks, and seeds. The stickier it is, the better off you are. Schwag weed with stems and seeds is usually brown and doesn’t smell very pungent.


You also don’t want weed that is too soft or wet. Texture is an important sign of good or bad weed. If your weed is too soft or wet, it might not be bad, but it is not mature enough for consumption. Signs of poor cultivation like soft, pre-mature weed are red flags that indicate a grower may be taking other shortcuts with dangerous cultivating techniques, such as the use of harmful pesticides.


Another visible sign of bad weed is color. Brown weed is bad weed. If your marijuana is any color other than green, it is bad and may contain mold or dangerous pesticides. Good dank should be green, with little orange hairs and covered in THC crystals. Don’t confuse spider-mite webs for THC crystals! A nugget of good chronic will look like it was rolled in stardust. A spider-mite web on a piece of schwag will be obvious and will look like a concentrated little white spider web.


Good weed smells aromatic and fresh, right out of the bag — even through the bag. If your weed smells like anything other than weed, its bad and you should not smoke it. Marijuana has a very distinct smell and even the novice smoker can tell if weed doesn’t smell right. In most cases, the smellier the weed, the danker it is. Poorly cultivated weed is another sign your weed is bad. Good chronic nugs will be nicely trimmed and shaped. If a cannabis grower takes the time and cares to ensure the weed is nicely trimmed and managed, you know it will be dank.


Thankfully in the modern world where weed is becoming increasingly legalized, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on some good chronic. Growers of legal weed are constantly trying to out do each other for the cultivation of the best nug, which is how we want it. In short, never smoke brown weed that is full of stems and seeds, and doesn’t smell good. It may contain mold, pesticides, spider mites or worse. As always, get your weed from a trusted source to ensure its placed in a safe place away from light, electrical devices, etc., to save your bud and your wallet.

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