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I recently picked up a Refresh Sauce Cartridge from Joint Delivery. There were a plethora of terp options available; however, I was recommended a new flavor, Grapefruit Bubblegum (hybrid). Live resin sauce carts hit completely different than distillate carts and are my preference when vaping. The .5g cartridge comes in a compact box with a sleek minimalist  design. The cartridge is built from reliable CCELL hardware is printed with the Refresh logos. The flavor profile has a real cannabis terpene taste that lasts through every hit. I found the grapefruit bubblegum strain to be a little less prevalent in flavor than other strains I have tried from Refresh. The high from just a few puffs was as noticeable as always. These Live Sauce carts from refresh always slap! The full spectrum cannabinoid profile in live sauce carts allows you to feel the full effects of the plant. The high I felt off the grapefruit bubblegum was uplifting  and helped me stay productive. Especially in writing this review! I stayed smoking this cart all day. Once I opened the box I hardly put it down. Refresh is one of my favorite cartridge brands available in DC right now. Their carts are consistently good and have provided a reliable high

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