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It’s Daboclock baby!! Let’s go this was a fun one.  Gamechanger, by ReFresh!  The guys over at Fast Slice are truly leveling up their concentrate game.  These guys are starting to cater to every tier of the market and I absolutely love it.  This time I got to take a nice fat dab of Gamechanger their live resin sauce.

The lemony terps were obvious right when I popped the lid.  I put my nose in there and could get a strong smell.  This was a Live Resin, which is a similar to wax or shatter but it is typically higher in terpenes than other cannabis materials. This is due to the process used to make the live resin in which the plant must be flash frozen in a freeze drier within 30 minutes of being “cut” or “chopped”.  This is to best lock in the nutrients from the plant from its “living” state.  The extract process still uses the same BHO as normal shatter, however, the starting material goes through a different preparation.

The flavor profile was great!  I took a fat dab, and felt it all the way through my chest.  I raged off my 3×2 jrain by Hardcore Toke with a Toro Grail Nail and Mothership Carb Cap.  The dab was definitely a two parter, the first massive toke ate up my insides as it tore through my chest but left with a great taste in my mouth that stayed beyond the hit.  The lemony smell came through on the flavor profile through the exhale of the smoke.  A really nice hit that gobbled you up.

The effect was calming and I could feel myself focused but ready for some more, fat wookie dabs.  I was able to get work done, and did not feel overwhelmingly stoned.  It was a nice calming effect.

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