LOS ANGELES – Flower Power Genetics announced the pending utility patent for its groundbreaking new cannabis hybrid, ADAM. By integrating the resilient properties of a 1970s Afghan indica

with the robust characteristics of a

1980s Jamaican sativa, ADAM promises to enhance both medical and commercial cannabis production, delivering yield, disease resistance and adaptability to various environmental conditions.

“Flower Power Genetics developed the hybrid ADAM to address critical challenges faced by both businesses and consumers in the cannabis market,” said Flower Power Genetics Founder James Krouse. “By preserving the purity of original cannabis genetics that do

not possess hemp, this innovative hybrid not only enhances the quality and potency of cannabis products but also ensures adaptability to various climate conditions, making it a versatile

solution for cultivators worldwide.”

The Challenge

Over the past 30 years, the integration of hemp into cannabis breeding has led to the erosion of pure cannabis genetics, resulting in undesirable traits such as reduced yield and increased susceptibility to diseases like rust fungi, Hop Latent Virus (HLVd),

Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV) and Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV). Excessive hybridization has further diminished the genetic diversity of commercial cannabis, complicating efforts for farmers to produce high-quality yields across various climates. Seeing the

near-extinction of the old world seeds and seeing the need for genetic diversity, James Krouse, founder of Flower Power Genetics, has dedicated decades to preserving original cannabis genetics. Through meticulous cold storage, he has ensured the viability

and purity of these precious seeds.

Cannabis Hybrid ADAM’s Climate Versatility

By crossing a resilient Afghan indica with a robust Jamaican sativa, ADAM thrives in diverse environmental conditions. The Afghan

indica, a 1970s strain celebrated for its medicinal properties, excels in harsh climates, including cold and dry environments. In contrast, the Jamaican sativa offers exceptional tolerance for tropical climates, withstanding humidity and heat. This meticulous

hybridization process endows ADAM with all the desirable traits needed for both medical and commercial cannabis production. Its adaptability allows it to flourish in a wide range of climates, from cold to hot and humid to dry, making it an ideal

choice for growers worldwide who can tailor the genetics to their specific environmental conditions.

Versatility and Applications

The hybrid ADAM represents a significant breakthrough for cultivators and offers numerous applications for cannabis product production. Its high

cannabinoid content, including the valuable THCV, makes it ideal for medical applications, while its robust growth characteristics make it reliable for large-scale commercial production. Unlike many modern cannabis strains that incorporate hemp and suffer

from diseases affecting the plant’s potency and yield, ADAM maintains pure cannabis genetics free from hemp contamination.

Key Benefits of ADAM:

Higher Yield: ADAM’s genetics ensure significantly higher yields than traditional hybrids.

Disease Resistance: Enhanced resistance to rust fungi and other diseases.

Genetic Stability: Greater genetic diversity reduces hybridization risks.

Superior Quality: Optimized for medical use with high cannabinoid and terpene content.

THCV Rich: High THCV content offers additional medical benefits, such as appetite suppression and glucose regulation.

Climate Versatility: Thrives in a wide range of climates, making it ideal for global growers.

Preservation of Heritage Genetics

James Krouse, founder of Flower Power Genetics, has preserved original medical cannabis seeds from the late 1970s to the 1990s. These seeds are

the cornerstone of the company’s commitment to superior genetics with exceptional medicinal benefits. While modern breeding trends focus on increasing THC content, Flower Power Genetics prioritizes the authenticity and therapeutic value of original strains.

The company boasts a robust collection of original cannabis genetics, including High Times Cannabis Cup-winning seeds from the competition’s first decade, and premium landrace and F1 hybrid seeds.

About Flower Power Genetics

Flower Power Genetics is a leading provider of premium medicinal cannabis genetics, dedicated to reintroducing the world to the best purebred cannabis strains. The company aims to revolutionize the health and well-being of individuals by preserving and

propagating rare, authentic cannabis genetics from the golden age of cannabis. Through strategic partnerships and innovative breeding techniques, the company is pioneering a new era in medicinal cannabis.