Five Strains to Get You Energized This Spring

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Spring is the primal time for extravagant vacation, sport, and overall fun. Sativas exist as a pick-me-up-oriented energizer. When you combine both of these aspects together, what exactly is the final result? Well, let’s just say it would be one spring that you’ll never forget. In descending order, we share the top five cannabis strains to not only get you energized for the coming spring and summer months.

#5: Sour Diesel

A resounding fan-favorite amongst all serious cannabis connoisseurs, Sour Diesel is known for its distinct energetic profile. Containing a pungent, gasoline-like odor, SD has a signature quick onset and surreal effects.

The classic, cultivated look of quality Sour Diesel buds is sure to reel in both experienced and newer users alike. Being one of the most popular strains in the world, you’re sure to have little trouble locating some of this gas.

#4: Green Crack

Green Crack has its flagship name for one specific reason: it is truly a punch packer of a sativa. Although the harsh name might convince you otherwise, rest-assured that Green Crack is one of the purest strains of cannabis available.

Accompanied by a tangy flavor complimented by mild fruit notes, Green Crack (or Cush) is an excellent choice for negating both sleepiness and depressive symptoms. The contrast of the blonde hairs on the bud to its neon green coloring and crystalline trichomes proves to be eye-candy, even before consumption.

#3: Durban Poison

Yet another intimidating name on the list. With a title such as Durban Poison, you know that you are truly getting into something special. Characterized by a primarily fruity flavor, this South African strain has slowly snowballed into popularity worldwide.

Durban Poison is highly regarded as being a staple in the diet of cannabis connoisseurs due to its dense buds and solid high.

#2: Super Lemon Haze

Just reading the name alone is almost enough to make one’s mouth instantly salivate. Another primarily fruity sativa, Super Lemon Haze contains a complimentary amount of CBG.

Super Lemon Haze looks slightly similar to Durban Poison, as they both have nice, compact buds. SLH can be distinguished by the sharp yellow tint of the green on its bud, conveying that you are truly in for the Summer of your life when you get a lungful of it.

#1: Harlequin

Harlequin may just be the ideal sativa strain to implement within all of your spring and summer antics and activities. This strange bud is a 75/25 sativa dominant hybrid, containing 5% THC and 8.5% CBD. Being part of the Colombian Gold lineage, just the namesake alone expresses all that needs to be known.

The proper balance of THC and CBD creates little room for paranoia or other negative side effects on this sativa. It’s earthy musk and inviting visual appeal cement Harlequin as a must-try or even must-implement strain for the coming season. The relaxation provided by this flower is often considered by many as nonpareil.

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