Do Some Shops Hold Events in DC?

If your main reason for stopping in Washington DC’s local smoke shops is to find out when and where upcoming cannabis events are, you’re in the right place! Despite not physically hosting cannabis events, many pro-cannabis glass and tobacco shops actually participate in pop up events, or at the least will notify their customers about them. As a substitute for not hosting events, some smoke shops are Initiative 71 compliant. This essentially means that depending on the price of your purchase, you may be eligible for an equivalent amount of cannabis as a ”gift”. 

Cannabis laws in Washington DC are unique in how both recreational and medical marijuana is legal, but for the former, it’s currently prohibited to sell products in any form. To bypass this, residents of the district advocated passing Initiative 71. This bill allowed anyone within the district to possess up to two ounces of cannabis, cultivate a maximum of six plants and gave them the option to gift up to one ounce of cannabis to another person, granted everyone involved is 21 or older. With the loophole of gifting, DC residents are able to work along a grey area within sales, and along with this the cannabis culture grew and expanded. With several organizations hosting private meetups almost daily for residents and visitors to partake.

Like many other cannabis laws, Initiative 71 still prohibits public use of cannabis products. As a result, many smoke shops who are open to recreational legalization and consumption do not physically allow customers to consume their free gifts on site. To compensate, many shops have membership programs and stay up to date on the latest events to guide their members in the right direction so they can find an event suitable for their situation. For example, a popular smoke shop based off of H Street, Gasaholics gifts a variety of both CBD and THC products to choose from, as well as a multitude of snacks. In addition to gifting cannabis with eligible purchases, Gasaholics also offers a membership program titled Gasaholics Anonymous. This free registration list provides its customers with the latest news and invitations to private events in addition to allowing members to learn of new in-store specials and gifts as soon as they’re available.

Smoke shops are often participants in events and pop-ups around the district as well. One smoke shop participant, District Smoke Factory attended the National Cannabis Festival Exhibitor Fair in 2018. Along with numerous other vendors, District Smoke Factory offered displays of their glassware available for sale and rent. Many festivals and events aren’t strictly for smoke shops either. A wide assortment of private event companies and delivery services are also present to spread the news about their organizations and show visitors what they have to offer.

Although smoke shops don’t typically hold their own event in Washington DC, most cannabis oriented storefronts offer news about upcoming events and private sessions that can be found around the area, making them totally worth the visit. Be sure to check back here at for the latest events at smoke shops and all over town! 


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