District of Cannabis, A Tourist’s Guide to Finding Cannabis in DC

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Finding Cannabis in DC?

Finding cannabis in Washington DC can seem challenging if you aren’t sure where to look. Thankfully, there are loads of resources available online and at participating smoke shops in the area to track down the best (and legal!) places to find high-quality medical or recreational marijuana in the nation’s capital.

If you’re a lucky cannabis tourist with a medical card, finding cannabis is as easy as finding the best dispensary nearest to you, showing the budtenders your id, and picking out what products you want. If you do have a med card, chances are it’s actually issued from another locality, but in the case of DC’s laws, nearly all other established programs are valid for their dispensaries, so no worries! When you don’t have access to a medical card, hope isn’t lost yet, since recreational cannabis is also available in DC for out of state visitors, although it can be slightly harder to find and navigate the established system without some planning ahead. Unfortunately, recreational dispensaries are still prohibited in the district, but resulting from the passing of Initiative 71, gifting cannabis from one adult to another is perfectly legal up to an ounce. Currently, the most common methods of marijuana gifting include vendors offering merchandise for sale that include cannabis gifts with purchase, and vendor delivery services.

Many smoke shops in the DC area advertise upcoming cannabis events where you can browse from a wide variety of local vendors. Most likely, these events will be by invite-only, meaning you must contact the coordinator via phone or text about where the event will be located beforehand. Events in Washington DC also occur often, so there is typically little concern about whether one will fall into the timeframe of your trip. In reality, you may have several to choose from. If events aren’t really your thing, or you have too much on your schedule, the next option to be gifted cannabis are delivery services.

With a cannabis delivery, you will usually contact the vendor offering the service, provide them with a photo id to verify your age, and then select your products. Next, the vendor may offer you the option to have your cannabis gifts delivered straight to the hotel or vacation home you’re staying at, or you could meet up with a delivery person in public nearby. Although it may sound like the old times of making a ”deal” on the street, today’s delivery and pick up services are far from it, and are so discreet and commonplace in DC that locals won’t be bothered at all.

Another great final resource to find events and delivery companies is online. On DC-focused weed events sites like DCWeedEvents.com, you can find recent cannabis information, news, and all types of events, deals, and services throughout the district. Regardless of how you obtain your vacation cannabis, keep the local cannabis laws in mind as well, such as no public consumption or on federal land, and above all else, enjoy your visit to the fullest!




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