QUÉBEC – Groupe SGF (Legal Advisors and Cannabis Consultants) announces the launch of a class action in court on behalf of Mr. Gabriel Bélanger against the Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC). The class action application alleges that the SQDC does not comply with the Consumer Protection Act (CPA).

The SQDC on the sidelines of the Consumer Protection Act

The plaintiff in the class action, Gabriel Bélanger, is determined to present in Superior Court the fact that he is obliged by the state company responsible for the sale of recreational cannabis in Quebec to make blind purchases when he orders cannabis products on the SQDC website. In fact, all cannabis products which are sold online and which have the mention “strain rotating” in their description sheet do not comply with the CPA since it provides that consumers must have access to a description which includes the characteristics and technical specifications. By not allowing consumers to know what variety is in the product when ordering, the SQDC forces consumers to make blind purchases.

Collective action: Justice for cannabis consumers

The class action includes all individuals who have purchased cannabis in the “dried flower” and “pre-rolled” categories for which the strain displayed on the SQDC website is “strain rotating” since October 17, 2018.

For more information on the class action, please visit the Groupe SGF website at https://groupesgf.ca/action-collective-sqdc.

“The SQDC, a state-owned company, appears to be violating its own Consumer Protection Act and it seems abnormal to us that cannabis consumers in Quebec are forced to make blind purchases when they buy cannabis on the only legal cannabis sales site in the province »

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