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Va Pack Boyz has taken the DMV by storm the past couple months.  My guy came out of absolutely nowhere and is now one of the biggest forces in the city.  He has stuck to his brand and has made his way up and down the DMV making sure to always take care of the people to the best of his ability.  Va Pack Boyz rocks almost daily throughout the DMV and has an unbelievable menu.  We are here today to talk through the Chem Cookies – a Live Resin concentrate he dropped off to have us sample and try.  This was our third live resin of the sampling, the other two were from Refresh (Joint DC & Fast Slice respectively) and we could definitely tell it was another brand- which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The smell was a bit dull, though it came through like a fresh pine when you got whiffs of the terps.  This was not one to write home about in regards to the smell, though it really packed a punch.  I ripped a fat dab through the Voorhees banger hanger rig using a nice Binary Banger 25mm nail and a Mothership fumed spinner cap to match.  I took it right around 580 degrees when my Dab Rite started beeping.

I did not have a strong taste pull through, just big fat wookie clouds.  This dab really got ya in the third lung, where it lacked in flavor and smell it made up for in punch and effectiveness.  This one had me feeling stoned.  I was unsure on the flavor and taste, as honestly, I tasted some of the orange from the last dab pull through, despite me cleaning the last one with a Q-tip.  I decided to take another dab, and that was an epic decision nonetheless.  I wanted to remove any flavor bias, so I used a different rig and nail combo, the Daveman glass reverse martini fab and highly educated nail v3 respectively.  After this hit I confirmed both prior thoughts.  The taste and flavor was not there/ as strong but the impact and punch definitely was.  I felt this one through my head and my body, and I felt stoned.  This one is a strong body high and is great for when you just want to get stoned.  Perfect for a night cap, insomnia issues, or a Sunday where you are just trying to chill on the couch as the sunglasses emoji.

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