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Infused Marshmallow Puffs

Infused Marshmallow Puffs made by Trailblazer Edibles are a gourmet take on a classic treat. I ordered them from and they were delivered super fast! They come in a few different flavors, but I sprung for the one topped with graham crackers. The small box comes with four 50mg marshmallow bites covered in chocolate …

Cookie Dough Chocolate Truffles

Georgetown Kushcakes Cookie Dough Chocolate Truffles are a delicious desert treat. Each gourmet chocolate truffle is 200mg and comes in an individual box with nice wrapping paper. The treat is a small ball of soft cookie dough coated in a rich chocolate shell. When you bite into the treat you can hear the sound of …

Baghead Boys Regular

Delicious vegan friendly gummies that pack a powerful punch! Baghead Boys offers gummies at three different tolerance levels- Lite, OG, and Extreme. I started with the Original Baghead Boys, which are 400mg of THC divided into 4 bite-sized sour gummies. One piece is all that it takes to send you on a trip! The gummies …

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