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Game Changer – Live Resin

It’s Daboclock baby!! Let’s go this was a fun one.  Gamechanger, by ReFresh!  The guys over at Fast Slice are truly leveling up their concentrate game.  These guys are starting to cater to every tier of the market and I absolutely love it.  This time I got to take a nice fat dab of Gamechanger …

Chem Cookies

Va Pack Boyz has taken the DMV by storm the past couple months.  My guy came out of absolutely nowhere and is now one of the biggest forces in the city.  He has stuck to his brand and has made his way up and down the DMV making sure to always take care of the …

Orange Zina – Live Resin

Joint DC is always cooking up a spicyyy awesome menu!  And this Orange Zina by Refresh does not disappoint.  Joint DC is one of Washington D.C.’s biggest retailers and providers of Refresh.  They have everything from the carts, to the sauces to the collabs!!! Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming here, the Orange Zina …

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