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The cannabis community in Washington DC is thriving. With residents and tourists alike enjoying all that weed has to offer, the variety of cannabis products available is only expanding each and every day.

Though purchasing your cannabis in Washington DC is a bit nontraditional, there sure isn’t a lack of product. When it comes to edibles, the possibilities in the area are truly endless– you just have to know where to find them.

The Kinds of Edibles Available to You

Here in DC, whatever kind of edible you’re looking for, we have. When it comes to the classics like brownies and cookies, these guys can be found at almost every weed service in the area. Some can be as basic as a chocolate-chip cookie, while others offer more gourmet options like chocolate truffles and beautifully-decorated cupcakes. These baked goods are known for their delectability and taste and are definitely rich enough for you to enjoy just one (or even less).

If you’re looking for something a little bit more fun, most services also offer cannabis-infused candies of various types. From peach rings to hard candies to lollipops, DC’s cannabis community enjoys the sweet stuff. These edibles typically come with more doses than your average pot brownie, but the milligrams overall are lower. Cannabis-infused candies are ideal for just enjoying a little bit at a time.

There is also the option of savory edibles, though these are a bit more difficult to come by. Some weed delivery services do have savory selections like specialty beef jerky for those who don’t want the extra sugar to get high.

For medical marijuana patients in DC, you may have a bit more options when it comes to selection. Cannabis-infused beverages, mints, gum, and more dietary-restrictive choices are available for your medical enjoyment.

Go Shopping Around

The cannabis selection in Washington DC is making its way to becoming on-par with other legalized states like Washington or California. While the options still aren’t quite as vast, presumably due to their confusing regulations, they’re becoming more and more accommodating each and every day.

Browsing around online to see what specific edible options are available is the best way to determine which place is best for you. Regardless of what your palate is craving, the DC cannabis community has the right edibles for you.

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