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Boomleaf DC entered the Washington, D.C. cannabis market from a different angle. Rather than start with a direct to consumer business, they focused and specialize on wholesale everything. They operate around Connecticut Ave, NW in Washington, D.C. but will do certain meetups around the city depending on the order and order size. The team is dedicated and open seven days a week from 11AM to 7PM. Boomleaf is located in Washington, D.C. every single day to provide gifting to the people through meetups, though they prefer working with bigger clients and companies such as other delivery services or storefronts. They specialize in both variety and price as they update their wholesale menu weekly with new flavors. After you verify your id with Boomleaf you can request their wholesale menu.


Great Variety for a Great Price


Boomleaf DC prides itself on having the most flavors for the best prices. They focus on wholesale, but do not sacrifice on quality for their quantity. They have a variety of brands and companies that they work with from all over the country. If you have a favorite California brand, they most likely have it or have access to it. The company also sources very good indoor from other California farms. Some of the exotic flavors they have had in the past include Peanut Butter Breath, Fanta Gelato, Peach Rings, Rainbow Sherbert and more. Last month they had official Jungle Boys, stamped and sealed in the real bags. This is super important as the fraud and fake game has just gotten more serious within the DMV area. People are able to buy fake bags off of places like, etc. and they are putting different cannabis in these fake bags. This has been an industry problem- not just focused here in the DMV but we have also seen it happen at different events around the city. Boomleaf does not cut corners, they have been working in the industry for years, and understand what it takes to be successful as a wholesale operator in the space. They focus on bringing the best to the loyal customers who work with them.


How to Get in Touch with Boomleaf


Similar to other companies, Boomleaf has faced some issues on Instagram. After building their main page @BoomLeaf_DC page up quickly, they fell victim to Instagram ToS and the account was removed. They are actively working to restore their main page. In the meantime, the company can be reached on their backup Instagram page @Boomleaf. The page often posts funny and viral content, they typically stray away from cannabis posts in an effort to not get deleted again. You will know it is their page with the logo and reference to their deleted main page in their bio. Boomleaf also operates a Telegram channel that you can join for all types of updates click here. The telegram channel is one of the best places to find the most up to date information on Boomleaf.


The Small Business Advantage


Overall Boomleaf is a great small business operating in Washington, D.C. they go above and beyond and care about their customers. Last winter they did multiple giveaways including a hard to get Playstation 5 console. These guys have been operating for years and they will be into the future as well. Slide in and follow their new Instagram page and join their Telegram to get things started. Boomleaf is around every single day to take care of you.


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