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Delicious vegan friendly gummies that pack a powerful punch! Baghead Boys offers gummies at three different tolerance levels- Lite, OG, and Extreme. I started with the Original Baghead Boys, which are 400mg of THC divided into 4 bite-sized sour gummies. One piece is all that it takes to send you on a trip! The gummies come in a pocket sized resealable child resistant bag. The sweet and tangy flavor makes Baghead Boys dangerously delicious and leaves little to no after-taste like other gummies on the market. After eating one piece, it took about an hour for effects to set in. I started feeling it in my body first. My muscles felt relaxed and I noticed that I was smiling a lot. These feeling grew stronger until I caught myself laughing at nothing and realized, I was stoned-to-the-bone! That stoney feeling maintained for several hours until I went to sleep later that night. Waking up the next morning I can remember feeling especially refreshed after sleeping sound. I felt great the entire next day thanks to how hard I slept.
If you are a more hardcore edible consumer, try their Extreme tier. Baghead Boys Extreme packs are TWICE the dose at a whopping 800mg per pack and 4 jumbo gummies. If you’re looking for a little less adventure, Baghead Boys Lite tier are half the dose of the original gummies at 200mg a pack and come with eight pieces in each bag. a tiers both come with four pieces in each bag.

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