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All the Buzz is the perfect cannabis and merch storefront in Washington, D.C. They radiate positivity in every single way possible and make every customer feel extra special walking the red carpet (literally) at their entrance. These guys have everything to keep us buzzing and were excited to tell you a bit more about the great experience that starts before you even get in the door.


All the Buzz is located at 3232 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, D.C. and is open 7 days a week from 10AM to 9PM. They are a dedicated merch company which means they print all kinds of clothing and branded products and Weed. Their specialty is their t-shirts which can be seen as soon as you walk the red carpet and into the beehive! Customers can also choose a face mask instead of a t-shirt and then be gifted a cannabis eighth. You will know you are in the right place because you will see the logos, a street sign, and the red carpet welcoming you into the experience.

All The Merchandise

When you get inside you will immediately see all of the t- shirts and clothing, and be greeted by an All the Buzz team member. The vibes inside amplify your experience and truly make you feel comfortable as everyone you interact with is so nice and kind. The teams “can do” positive attitude always makes you feel right at home. After you talk with the associate, you are brought over to the counter where you can start to walk through your wants and needs with a knowledgeable team member. All the Buzz prides themselves on being able to help educate consumers and assist them in finding flower that gives them the special feeling that they are looking for.

An Ever-Changing Menu


The All the Buzz menu is absolutely stacked. They typically have 3-4 tier options for flower starting at $45 Mask all the way up to a $75 Shirt. The best part, they have at least 3-4 strain options PER tier! Some of the Mask options at the time we looked at the menu included GMO Cookies, Ice Cream Cake, and Apricot O.G. Their top tier T- Shirts came with Iverson 96’, Crying Rhino, and Ray K-41. They had more strains at the other tiers as well. Truly a complete menu, stacked with both sativas, hybrids, and indicas. The menu did not stop there! All the Buzz has a wide variety of edibles for any pallet. From the popular Baghead Boys, to brownies, and even lemonade! They work with some of the best local companies in Washington, D.C. including Georgetown Kushcakes and Mota. As a special bonus, they even have mushy chocolates. Their menu would not be complete without cartridges. All the Buzz has a wide variety of Misty Mountain and Calypso cartridge options. They also sell the physical batteries so that you can use the vape cartridge right away. Not all of the stores and locations around the city sell batteries so this is definitely a nice convenience. Lastly, All the Buzz has pre- rolls for the cannabis consumer who does not like rolling their own, or just wants the extra convenience of an already rolled joint for on the go.

How to Learn More Information

You can find out more information about All the Buzz menu on their website Their website allows for pre- orders where you can pick exactly
what you want and it is already ready for you to just go to the store and pick it up! All orders placed after 7pm will be filled and ready for pick up the next calendar day.

Substitutions will be made when necessary. You can also follow both Instagram pages @AllTheBuzzDMV and @Allthebuzz_. Their feed is full of positive energy and most of their posts allude to strains that they have in stock. It is a very clever way to subtly market what they have in store. All the Buzz stands behind their products and guarantees customer satisfaction. If there is not something that you are 100% satisfied with, bring it back and talk with the team to find a suitable replacement. The team focuses on a customer- first mentality, and truly wants everyone to leave happy. All the Buzz is located right across the street from a great breakfast /brunch place Call Your Mother Deli, so we advise you to start at All the Buzz and then head out on Georgia Ave for some munchies after you leave!