Seven Places To Purchase High-Quality CBD in D.C.

Seven Places To Purchase High-Quality CBD in D.C.

​The CBD industry is deeply intertwined within the District of Columbia, offering a smorgasbord of medical solutions for those who seek alternatives to what is commonly prescribed. Before you go out to make your next cannabis purchase, be sure to keep these few places in mind to make the proper travel and purchase decision for yourself!

#7: District Hemp Botanicals


​Finding its humble beginnings in 2017, District Hemp Botanicals is one of the most widely well-received locations for purchasing CBD products. Offering products to both D.C. residents and beyond, District Hemp Botanicals sells tinctures, topicals, oils, edibles, teas and more. ​If undeniable quality is the route for you, District Hemp Botanicals would prove to be a worthy destination.


#6: All Things CBD


​With a name like All Things CBD, where could you go wrong? Established in June 2019, All Things CBD is located in Falls Church City. They exist to promote a happier and healthier community, aiding the public in their decisions on which CBD products are best for them.


#5: Capitol Organics CBD


​Capital Organics is well known throughout the D.C. area for containing an irrefutable quality in regard to their THC-free CBD products. It is heavily expressed by Capital Organics that their health products are crafted in the most natural, organic way possible.
​When procuring products, Capital Organics and its solid reputation stem mainly from the sheer cleanliness and quality of their products.


#4: National Holistic Healing Center


​Positioned on Dupont Circle, the National Holistic Healing Center takes an incredibly clinical, yet still welcoming approach to their business. NHHC has a headstrong staff that lives to aid patients in getting through the symptoms of their ailments via cannabis products.


#3: Qi Kratom CBD Tea


​This little location, housed on U Street, combines the medicinal benefits of two different miracle substances: kratom and CBD. For those who already use kratom to negate the effects of opiate addiction, this just may be a place of interest.


#2: M Street Glass


​M Street Glass is an all-in-one approach to CBD products. Not only does M Street Glass contain what you are looking for, but it also holds a lot more!
​Functioning as a typical headshop, regardless of whether your intent is to pick up CBD or not, you are without a doubt sure to find at least a couple items worth a buy. Products include all THC and CBD products, as well as vapes, e-liquids, glass, and much more.


#1: Georgetown Hemp


​Georgetown Hemp, without a doubt, is one of the most bustling CBD establishments throughout all of Washington D.C. Georgetown’s mission statement revolves around the pillars of their business, which they deduce to be consumers, partnerships and education.
​Aside from their high-quality, affordable products, Georgetown Hemp is known for being distinctly community-centric, contributing to the greater good of humanity.

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